Villa Rica Adult Soccer

Tournament Bracket & Info

Posted Mon Aug 15, 2011 - 07:42 AM

Dear Adult Soccer players:

Great Season!
It was Fun and we are now down to the End of Season tournament.

Starting this Saturday @3:30pm sharp
Please be there 15 minutes prior to game start...a 5 minute grace period will be given to teams that
do not have the (5) player minimum to start (no female minimum if starting w/ 6 or less men)
**If the minimum amount of players do not show in that time...that team will forfeit and a win will be given to the opposing team.**
The rules of tournament will remain the same as the Regular season..

Exception will be "NO TIES"...there must be a winner of the match.
At game Check in, the referees will ask who your predetermined (5) kickers & (1) Goalie will be in the event of a draw.
These kickers can not be changed unless they are injured during the match.

After regulation time of 55 minutes conclude...if the result is a draw, the kickers chosen will proceed to
PK tie breaker. The Kicks will take place ON THE HASH MARK @ top of the box.
Keeper position will be on the Goal line...The Goalie can not move off the line...But can move side to side.
No players will be allowed within the penalty area during the kick except the Goalie.
Designated kickers will stand within the center circle during the kick...all other players will be on the side lines.
The kicks will take place in (5) Alternating rounds...(*Fifa rules)
After the (5) rounds, if there is still no winner...Sudden death rounds will take place in which the next goal scored
and unmatched will be decisive.

You will not be allowed to play in the tournament w/o the following.(No exception)
-League Jersey w/ #
-Shin Guards

Please leave the Foul language at home during the tournament.
The Referees will penalize you at their discretion if they over hear any Foul or derogatory language, directed at them or not, on the field of play or on the side lines.
You can be Yellow carded or Red carded (send off plus 1 game)
Depending on their Mood and the severity of the language.
They do not have to warn you.
Don't test them please and of course, I will back all their calls to the end.

Attached is the Tournament Bracket that has the "seeds" filled in...Please print off a copy.
The Standings and Stats are all updated on the website

There will be Awards consisting of Medals
Bronze=3rd Place
Silver=Runner up

They will all be awarded after the 7:30pm Championship game on Sunday.
I ask that the Award winning Team Managers pass the medals to each of his/her players in an informal ceremony.
Starting w/ The Bronze medal winners.

The Next Soccer Season.....
We are working on two things...A Sunday 4v4 league in the fall....and a Summer league for 2012.
Venue change is still a possibility or we may remain in VR.
Please keep me updated on all your I can keep you updated and of course keep checking the Adult league website.

Thank you all!

Special Thanks to Mike Best (Athletic Director) & Jeff Reese (Deputy City Manager) and the VRRD for the use of the fields.
They have never charged us anything for their use.
Without them the league would not have been economical...causing us to charge higher rates.
Most of your Children play at VR and it's an added benefit for the Parents to be involved with soccer.
And they are kind enough to allow it...
So Please Thank them if you know them

End of Season Adult League tournament schedule released.

Posted Fri Aug 05, 2011 - 02:56 AM

Good Afternoon,

I have completed the Summer End of Season Tournament schedule.
And have attached the bracket to this email.
I will also post it to the website (see forms tab) as soon as I can.

The tournament will take place Saturday August 20th & Sunday August 21st.
It's a Single elimination "Seeded" tournament.
This means the standings at the end of the season will be where you are seeded in the tournament.
(see the website for the standings as of now)

All regular season rules apply and game length will also remain the same...(55 minutes)
Only difference is...There can be no Draws...and if the score is a draw at the end of regular time,
5 rounds of PKs will take place to determine the winner immediately (no Overtime)

So managers, I suggest you prepare by preselecting your kickers, to speed the process in case this happens.

The "Medal" games will take place Sunday evening (see schedule)
There will be a Medals given to each follows:
Gold (champion)
Silver(Runner up)
Bronze (3rd place)

Any red cards given will be a send off of that game & the be aware.
All players must wear proper shin-guards and will not be allowed to play if they are not worn.
Be at the Matches 15 minutes prior....

Any questions, feel free to email me.
Managers, Please print the brackets off and distribute, as some don't have email.
Thanks &
See ya this Sunday...Paul

Question on Goalie Slide Kicks...

Posted Mon Jul 18, 2011 - 09:38 AM

From a Goalie standpoint...

There are situations where I will have to lead with my feet while sliding to be safe. Does the slide tackling rule apply to goalies?


Sliding is OK for a goalie....Slide tackling is not, It's considered a "slide tackle"....if (A) You Slide and (B) you try to tackle the ball from the opposing player...But it doesn't mean you can't lead with feet to "Block or Deflect" in a slide just as if you dove to make a long as the Tackling part doesn't take place.

Goalies can inflict damage as well as field players, so, if in the opinion of the referee, If you intentionally "slide tackle" will be a direct kick and a Yellow card if it happens in the box.


Question on Goalie "stop plays"

Posted Mon Jul 18, 2011 - 09:37 AM

Paul, I think what he's asking is whether or not the rule about the goal kick touching a player before the half line applies in situations other than just goal kicks. We had a situation where our team shot the ball and the goalie caught it or picked it up. He then kicked it over the half-line, untouched, and was called for the illegal kick and had to re-kick. I thought the only time that rule applied was on goal kicks.

I gotcha ....
The answer is any stop play involving the it Goal Kick, Punt or Throw...the ball must land or be touched by another in the defending half of play or it will be whistled dead and the kick re-taken.
But the rule also applies that, if for instance the ball is rolled to a defender and the defender kicks it back to the Goalie...the goalie is allowed to boot it as far as he restrictions.

The reason for the rule is the size of field constraints.

Also a side note.... remember a goal will not be counted if the attacker scores when he/she is on their defensive half of the field when kicked....
Example- Ball is kicked by Johnny the defender in his own PK area towards the opposing goal and it miraculously rolls in untouched... Result: NO GOAL, It will be a Goal kick for the opposing team...The Attacker may only score on the opposing teams half of the field.

Thanks for the question Keith.

Re: Goalies & Goal kicks

Posted Mon Jul 18, 2011 - 09:37 AM

In our League....The Goal kicks are taken inside the goal area or on the goal line (small box in front of goal) and the ball kicked must travel out of the PK area (big box in front of goal)
before touched. They can be taken by the Goalie or a field player (but the field player that is not designated "Goalie" must not touch the ball with his/her hands

After the initial "Goal Kick" happens, The ball may be passed back to the Goalie or Kicker.. in turn allowing him/her the ability to kick the ball over the half line w/no restrictions.
But the initial "Goal Kick" must take place as specified.

Note: Goalies are allowed to be back passed to by field players as long as they do not pickup the ball w/ their hands....they are also allowed to dribble the ball up and act as a field player.
But if they do pickup the ball with their hands... Infraction of this rule will result in an indirect kick from the point of the infraction (if infraction is in the PK will result in Indirect kick at the PK Hash Mark)

The Goalie cannot pick up the ball if it was deliberately kicked to him by a teammate... he can only pick it up if it was last touched by an opponent or if it was accidentally kicked to him by a teammate, or was passed from a teammate using the head, chest, knee, etc. instead of the feet.) Once he picks up the ball he has six seconds to punt it or release it. He is allowed to pick up the ball, run with it and then punt it, throw it, or drop it and dribble or kick it. (However, he cannot touch it with his hands outside the "Penalty Box" and once he drops it he can't touch it again with his hands until an opponent has touched it. The Goalkeeper IS allowed to go outside the Penalty Box and dribble or kick the ball back inside the Penalty Box and THEN pick it up with his hands. The line that defines the Penalty Box is part of the Penalty Box, so if the ball is touching the line it is defined as being inside the Penalty Box). The goalkeeper has special protections inside the Penalty Box; the ball may not be kicked if he is touching it with his hand or arm and the referee will call a foul if the goalkeeper is endangered. He must wear a shirt or jersey that is recognizably different from all other players

Hope this answers your question.


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